Thursday, April 30, 2009

unpacking, unpacking, unpacking

Boy have we had a busy couple days! We found out on saturday we could move into our house a day early so first thing monday morning Warren and i went to sign papers for the house, got the key and started moving in. Warren and his buddy moved as much furniture as they could in about 2 hrs then went off to work for the afternoon. I had two extra kids with me that day so we made a couple trips back and forth between our new house and the old house to get as much as i could in my jeep with 4 kids... which wasn't much! but it worked. We got all of our stuff from storage cleared out yesterday which is awesome! But now my garage is FULL of boxes, and i will have practically no help from Warren because he will be working. So Landen has been a lot of help and has enjoyed his new house. He LOVES being able to go outside all by himself and have the freedom of a huge house to play in! He loves his room and i am really exicted to start decorating the kids room. It's funny how the little things you really take for granted... like CLOSETS! Its so wonderful for the kids to have a closet! I don't how i ever managed without it!!

Warren went to work for the first time on monday night and in just about 2 hours did really well. He has a couple potentials that he just needs to go back to but he seems to enjoy it already. He gets really fustrated sometimes when people won't sign up because it could save them quite a bit of money so its funny to watch him talk about it when he gets home. Oh the stories already! :-)

As for Kaylee, she has a really bad ear infection and had to be on meds. Our first night at the new house i think the kids and us slept a total of 2 hrs. Kaylee was up all night sick and Landen's asthma was really bad. He had 2 asthma attacks and was coughing so bad he would gag himself. We have decided he has "allergy induced asthma" now instead of "exercise induced asthma". Poor kids, and after a long day of moving... pooor us! But i got them into the dr the next morning, got some "feel better treats" and they slept MUCH better the next night!

Last night after another long day of packing and unpacking i took a long hot bath, got into bed and crashed! Warren and i both have our fair share of battle wounds from moving and i'm sure its not about to end there!

Anyway, we are definately enjoying our new house! I absolutely love it and would totally be content staying there forever! Its beautiful, it's practical, it's exactly what we need! I am so exicted to start unpacking and going through everything that's been in storage for almost 2 years! We didn't even know how the stuff we had!! So it'll be a fun few weeks!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I cant believe it but driving home today i actually said, do u want me 2 pull this car over and spank u? I never thought i would say that but hey it worked. guess my mom did know what she was doing! Lol! Love ya mom!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful sunshiny days!

The last couple days have been soooo warm and we have DEFINATELY been taking advantage of it! I have totally neglected my laundry, my cleaning, my packing and just played outside with the kids. Landen would live outside it were an option and i think Kaylee's getting there...

We pulled out Landen's pool and put the slide in it (the ONLY way to play in a pool), added a few water balls and squirt guns to play with....We added lots of color to Grandma's side walk...

Daddy taught Landen how to drink from the fire hydrant....

I got these totally awesome, totally kandid pictures of Landen....! I just LOVE them!

Then it was time for a nap...

And for me to get back to the never-ending laundry, the cleaning and the packing....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday afternoon naps...

Today some of us got to enjoy the well missed, but often sotafter sunday afternoon nap. We unfortunately don't get to enjoy it anymore as we have church from 1-4 but today we owe it all to stake conference... yay! Warren and Landen had fallen asleep while Kaylee and i were playing in our bedroom. When Kaylee decided it was her turn for a nap i went to check on my boys. They were both out and then i noticed they were HOLDING HANDS! It was so sweet! I had to hurry and grab my camera, luckily i was able to get a few good shots before one of them moved! It was just so stinkin cute! Warren doesn't even know i took the picture, so he'll see it for the first time reading our blog, lol!

Where have 7 months gone?!?

Our little Kaybear turned 7 months on friday! It's so surreal to me to literally watch her grow! I often catch myself rocking her sleep just to sit down, hold her and foss her soft fuzzy little head. She is the calmest, sweetest, smiliest, happiest little baby! She is such a joy to have around and i wouldn't have it any other way. She has her Daddy wrapped around her tiny little fingers and she knows it! She will make the slightest little squeek and Daddy will come RUNNING to the rescue. Then when she sees him she gets the biggest grin on her face! She loves to play, and laugh, and watch Landen run around, and is definately finding her voice, which is a lot of fun! It's just not fair how fast time goes with babies. Where have 7 months gone? What have i done the last 7 months? What do i have to show for it??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last one... i promise

Here's a few other things that happened this last week, in addition to the massive amounts of Easter pictures!!! enjoy!!
Last night We were all in the living room watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (its been like 10 years since i've seen that movie but i LOVE it!) Kaylee was playing on the floor. Warren and i looked over and saw this................... Such a cute picture and a sweet puppy! (when she isn't chewing, parking, digging or jumping!)

I decided that it was about time to start getting Kaylee back on a bottle and eating some cereal, since now when she's done eating she thinks its okay to chew on me... yeah, not so much. Luckily for her she has no teeth, still. I did really good this time around though. I strickly breasfed Kaylee for 6.5 months (go me!) and will start getting her on a bottle soon, i hope! Kaylee had her first taste of baby cereal this weekend. She wanted nothing to do with it at first and then would stick out her tongue for me to give her a taste and she made funny faces. So the first time didn't go quite as planned. I tried it the next day though and she snarfed the whole bowl down. She loved it. But the spit up the next day was awful! I forgot how bad it is with formula and cereal! Yuck!

While Warren was gone this weekend Susan wanted to see just how curly Landen's hair really is so she got it wet, put some gel in it and my oh my how the curls came out!! He looked so stinkin' cute but wasn't too happy about it!! But just look at all those curls!! Warren hates it but the women love it! So no hair cut for Landen just yet!! :-)

Landen got his very first helmet! He was so excited for it that he had to wear it everywhere, knee pads, elbow pads and all! He looks so cute in it too! We bought a bike seat for my bike to be able to take Kaylee because shes still too little for the bike jogger but i think Landen will be using it more! Now we just need to find a little helmet for miss Kaybear! I'm so excited for the warm weather to be able to go on bike rides after dinner again! Warren and i used to go for a walk every single day after dinner when Landen was on his way, and when he was just a baby! I love walking and can't wait to get out and do it again!


Yesterday we met Warren for lunch after school and went to costco (yay!) after we were done eating i took Landen to the store to get some new crafty things to do during the day. I got out of the car, got landen out and started walking to the store. As i was walking into the store i thought, oh crap i forgot to lock my doors, so we went back to the car to lock the doors. We walked around for a bit, Landen told me he wanted this and that, and then some of those, checked out, walked to the car and i can't find my keys.... i basically dumped everything out of my purse and still couldn't find them. I FINALLY found them, only they were IN my car. Ya, nice! The back window was rolled down a little, tried everything i could to pry my hand in there but it wasn't happening. So i had to call my poor husband who had just driven home about 20 minutes prior, to drive all the way back to get us and then go back home. I felt so bad! But luckily i have a great husband who just laughed at me. The worst part of it was that i subconciously left the doors unlocked knowing my keys were in there, and then ignored it and went to lock them. Gosh darn it!! So Landen and i walked to Hastings next door and sat on the floor of the kid section while Landen brought me book after book to read to him. At least it was enjoyable while we waited for Dad! :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, Easter, and some more Easter!

Landen and Kaylee got a couple easter baskets in the mail from Grandpa Rich and Great-Grandma Nina. They both were really excited and they loved them! Thanks Grandpa Rich and Nina they were wonderful!

We took the kids to see the Easter Bunny at the mall and Landen was so excited to go see him! He waited in line very patiently and still excited. Then we moved closer to the easter bunny when it was our turn and Landen ran out of there so fast we couldn't even see him! He screamed and wanted NOTHING to do with him! Kaylee on the other hand... didn't mind and we got an adorable picture of her. Maybe next year Landen?

Warren was gone in Utah for training, Easter weekend so on Saturday morning I took Landen to the city Easter Egg Hunt at the High School. We met up with Landen's best buddy Neilsen and Traci and waited, and waited, and waited.... til they were FINALLY able to GO! Landen was so in awe watching all the kids that he forgot what he was doing. He very slowly picked up eggs, found a sucker, opened it, ate it, picked up another egg, checked it out, walked around a bit... he was just very picky about which eggs he wanted. But he was super cute and enjoyed watching all the other kids! He came home with lots of candy, a bunny, a nerf dart, and lots of bubbles! It was his first easter egg hunt and he had a blast!

Sunday we got ready for church, dressed up the kids (oh how adorable they looked!) and after church we did our own easter egg hunt and opened Easter baskets that the easter bunny left at our house! Landen had seen a commerical for a baby elmo and really wanted it. So the Easter bunny got that for him and he loved it! He write away said elmo had a poopy diaper and made daddy change it. Then baby elmo was hungry so he made mommy go get a bottle of water for him to feed elmo. After that he burped baby elmo and wrapped him in his swaddling blanket and put him to sleep in Kaylee's crib. He's such a good lil mommy! :-)


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