Monday, November 9, 2009

The honeymoon is over once again....

This weekend Warren and I actually got to spend a couple days ALONE! Thursday evening i dropped the kids off at Grandma & Grandpa C's house and met Warren at Anniversary Inn. We stayed at the Hollywood Romance room which is a brand new room and absolutely gorgeous! It was even more enjoyable because we paid $22 for a $350/night room! YAY!! It was so much fun! Since we got kind of a late start to our evening we decided to do our big date night on Friday night instead of Thursday night so we went to Taco Bell for dinner and went back to enjoy our room. We snuggled on the couch, ate our dessert, sipped some mormon chapaign and watched Twilight, and even more surprisingly, it was WARREN'S choice... yes, Warren's choice! Friday morning we woke up to a gourmet breakfast in bed while watching Shrek 3 (lol) and spent the rest of the day shopping!!
Right under this sign was a coke machine, which i know is what sold Warren on the room! He thoroughly enjoyed all the free drinks!

Warren hates the showers at anniversary inn since they
never have curtains or are enclosed. He said he feels
"violated" to shower in the open!

The room was filled with old time movie classic actors/actresses
and movies. Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Casablanca, It's A
Wonderful Life, John Wayne, etc. I was in HEAVEN!

After a fun filled day of shopping we went out to eat at
Carino's and then went to Gameworld. We hadn't been
to Gameworld since we were dating!! We played mini
bowling, yes, i played in heels and a skirt. And then we
went to see a movie and headed back to our 2nd Suite.

We had another Beautiful suite for 2 nights. Fireplace, full kitchen
with full fridge, steam shower, jacuzzi tub, the cutest little dishwasher
& our own private balcony with a view of......

....the mountains and temple! It was so pretty lit up
at night!!

Saturday morning we ended up picking up the kids to take
them back to our hotel to swim. Landen overheard me
tell Susan that we had a pool at our hotel so the next day
Landen sat in the chair in the window waiting for Daddy to
come get him to go swim! It was so sad! So we HAD to go
get them! We swam for about an hour and then had lunch
in our room, played with the kids for a little while and took
them back to G&G's house. It was great to have them for
a little while but still have our evening alone! What a RARE
treat!! That must be what it feels like to be a grandparent!

Then saturday night we did the Thunder Mountain Train Ride!
I must say, i was kinda disappointed with it though. It was a LONG
ride with nothing going on until on the way home. (We did get served
dinner and although i am by NO MEANS a picky eater, i didn't care
much for it) It would have been much nicer to go during the day to
be able to see outside. We enjoyed a magic/comedy show on the way
back though. That was pretty fun. Needless to say, to pay $75 for
one ticket was NOT WORTH IT, BUT, i got a great deal and only
paid $75 for 4 tickets!!!! So for $19/ticket, it was worth it! :-)
We are probably going to use the other 2 tickets to take the kids
on the Santa Train Ride where it will be all lit up with Christmas
lights and drive to the North Pole! Hopefully that'll be much nicer!
We had such an amazing time and this trip was MUCH needed! Between Warren's work schedule and mine, we rarely have time to see each other nonetheless go out on a date! It was probably the best vacation we've been on and we didn't even leave IDAHO!! LOL! It was fun to spend the time with my BFF and joke, and laugh, and play without the worry & stress of work, kids, bills and all that other fun stuff!! I am so fortunate to have such amazing in-laws who were so willing to take our kiddos! They are absolute life-savers!!!
It was a wonderful weekend and even after 5 years of marriage, i am so very much in love with my husband and am looking forward to many, MANY more years with him!
I love you Warren, Happy Anniversary!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today is THE day!

Today is the day folks! Kuna City Council elections are going on NOW! Last year only 1,500 people voted out of 15,000+ people, that is pretty sad. We are hoping that this year since there are 10 candidates for only 2 seats, we will get more voters out! Warren and I made our votes early this morning and now we are just anxiously awaiting for the results tonight! I am very proud of my mr. christensen, even if he doesn't win! He has learned so much and i have seen the enjoyment he has in politics (darn!) He has a passion in making a difference for his community. So now i am just going to watch the news all evening and watch the counting! I am excited to see how it turns out! If you are a Kuna Kaveman and you haven't yet voted.... PLEASE get out and do it today!! Polls are open til 8pm this evening (tuesday).


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