Monday, November 9, 2009

The honeymoon is over once again....

This weekend Warren and I actually got to spend a couple days ALONE! Thursday evening i dropped the kids off at Grandma & Grandpa C's house and met Warren at Anniversary Inn. We stayed at the Hollywood Romance room which is a brand new room and absolutely gorgeous! It was even more enjoyable because we paid $22 for a $350/night room! YAY!! It was so much fun! Since we got kind of a late start to our evening we decided to do our big date night on Friday night instead of Thursday night so we went to Taco Bell for dinner and went back to enjoy our room. We snuggled on the couch, ate our dessert, sipped some mormon chapaign and watched Twilight, and even more surprisingly, it was WARREN'S choice... yes, Warren's choice! Friday morning we woke up to a gourmet breakfast in bed while watching Shrek 3 (lol) and spent the rest of the day shopping!!
Right under this sign was a coke machine, which i know is what sold Warren on the room! He thoroughly enjoyed all the free drinks!

Warren hates the showers at anniversary inn since they
never have curtains or are enclosed. He said he feels
"violated" to shower in the open!

The room was filled with old time movie classic actors/actresses
and movies. Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Casablanca, It's A
Wonderful Life, John Wayne, etc. I was in HEAVEN!

After a fun filled day of shopping we went out to eat at
Carino's and then went to Gameworld. We hadn't been
to Gameworld since we were dating!! We played mini
bowling, yes, i played in heels and a skirt. And then we
went to see a movie and headed back to our 2nd Suite.

We had another Beautiful suite for 2 nights. Fireplace, full kitchen
with full fridge, steam shower, jacuzzi tub, the cutest little dishwasher
& our own private balcony with a view of......

....the mountains and temple! It was so pretty lit up
at night!!

Saturday morning we ended up picking up the kids to take
them back to our hotel to swim. Landen overheard me
tell Susan that we had a pool at our hotel so the next day
Landen sat in the chair in the window waiting for Daddy to
come get him to go swim! It was so sad! So we HAD to go
get them! We swam for about an hour and then had lunch
in our room, played with the kids for a little while and took
them back to G&G's house. It was great to have them for
a little while but still have our evening alone! What a RARE
treat!! That must be what it feels like to be a grandparent!

Then saturday night we did the Thunder Mountain Train Ride!
I must say, i was kinda disappointed with it though. It was a LONG
ride with nothing going on until on the way home. (We did get served
dinner and although i am by NO MEANS a picky eater, i didn't care
much for it) It would have been much nicer to go during the day to
be able to see outside. We enjoyed a magic/comedy show on the way
back though. That was pretty fun. Needless to say, to pay $75 for
one ticket was NOT WORTH IT, BUT, i got a great deal and only
paid $75 for 4 tickets!!!! So for $19/ticket, it was worth it! :-)
We are probably going to use the other 2 tickets to take the kids
on the Santa Train Ride where it will be all lit up with Christmas
lights and drive to the North Pole! Hopefully that'll be much nicer!
We had such an amazing time and this trip was MUCH needed! Between Warren's work schedule and mine, we rarely have time to see each other nonetheless go out on a date! It was probably the best vacation we've been on and we didn't even leave IDAHO!! LOL! It was fun to spend the time with my BFF and joke, and laugh, and play without the worry & stress of work, kids, bills and all that other fun stuff!! I am so fortunate to have such amazing in-laws who were so willing to take our kiddos! They are absolute life-savers!!!
It was a wonderful weekend and even after 5 years of marriage, i am so very much in love with my husband and am looking forward to many, MANY more years with him!
I love you Warren, Happy Anniversary!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today is THE day!

Today is the day folks! Kuna City Council elections are going on NOW! Last year only 1,500 people voted out of 15,000+ people, that is pretty sad. We are hoping that this year since there are 10 candidates for only 2 seats, we will get more voters out! Warren and I made our votes early this morning and now we are just anxiously awaiting for the results tonight! I am very proud of my mr. christensen, even if he doesn't win! He has learned so much and i have seen the enjoyment he has in politics (darn!) He has a passion in making a difference for his community. So now i am just going to watch the news all evening and watch the counting! I am excited to see how it turns out! If you are a Kuna Kaveman and you haven't yet voted.... PLEASE get out and do it today!! Polls are open til 8pm this evening (tuesday).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TINKERBELL! 5 years ago went to the petstore to buy the brand new kitty i had been oogling and googling over for several days. To my surprise, he had bought it, paid for it and on Christmas Eve he went to pick it up, only to find her gone! The stupid pet store had sold MY kitty to someone else!! She was dark colored expcept for her 4 white paws, her name was going to be socks and she was perfect! Warren franticly trying to find something else to do, searched the newspaper and found a lady with Show cats who her Siemese cat and Pixibob cat accidently got together and created a liter. Warren went to visit with her and feel in love with this one, in particular. And Christmas morning surprised me with Tinkerbell! We now call her a "pixamese" mix (siemese and pixibo, perfect to go along with her name!) She was our first baby. And more like a dog than a cat. She played catch, she played hide-n-seek and still is the COOLEST cat ever! She sleeps on me at night and always wants to be in your lap. She really is the best kitty in the world!! As fustrated as we were with the petstore (we still are, and will never buy anything from them again) we are very greatful for another blessing in disguise!
Happy Birthday miss Tinkerbell!

To Pampa, With Love

Saturday was my Dad's birthday and in honor of his birthday, we all jumped out of a plane! (ok, so it just happened to land on the same day) So i know it's a couple days late, but

Happy Birthday to our favorite PAMPA!! We wish we could've been there but hope you had a wonderful day anyway!! We love you and miss you tons!!



Sunday, October 25, 2009

City Council

Well for those of you who didn't know, Warren has decided to run for Kuna City Council this year. He came home one day and said, so i think i'm going to run for city council, deadline is in a couple days. And that was it. He had filled out the application and was on his way! It has been an exciting trip so far! He has had a couple forums and debates and both have gone well (despite what he may say) He has learned a lot already and is extremely excited about the upcoming election! We were finally able to get some signs up
and boy do they look good! He has had some wonderful help along the way (his parents, Millers) and still has a way to go! I am really proud of Warren for doing this! Politics is definately his passion (unfortunate for me) and he would run for president if i would let him! He is really into and has definately been doing his work! I too am excited to see how he does. With 10 candidates running for 2 seats, 5 of them being LDS, it'll be interesting! Warren would do a great job in City Council and i am very proud of him for trying!

A box from Mimi

A few days ago Mimi sent us a big box with some goodies for the kids, halloween gifts and Kaylee's bday gift BUT the best part of it was that it was FULL of packing peanuts!! Oh joy!! But I let the kids play with it a bit and then because of the fact i had PACKING PEANUTS THROUGHOUT my house, it was time to vacuum.

Landen loved the halloween card from her and grandpa! He thought the monsters were pretty cool and he made me take a picture of the card! Silly boy!

There's a toe in there!!

Even after i PRYED Kaylee out of the box, she was still determined to get back in! Funny girl!!

A feeling NEVER to forget!

Yesterday was quite an adventurous day for us! We woke up early and headed out to Boo @ the Zoo for the couple hours. I'd love to post pics from that but i forgot my camera! (sad) But the kids had a lot of fun!

After that we grabbed some lunch then went home to get ready to head out once again. Only this time, it was for ME! I dropped off the kids with Grandma and Grandpa, picked up Tessa, Kirsti and some of their friends and off we went. We were going skydiving! And it was a BEATUIFUL october day to jump! When we got there they had us watch a corny little video that explained how there's no perfect parachute and there is a chance of getting seriously injured and even death (blah blah blah) and then they made us sign our lives away (literally!) It was pretty pathetic, i mean, how many different ways can you say, "if you get hurt or die, don't sue us". (apparently 4 pages worth) After that we found out we could only jump one person at a time. Well it was 4pm when we got there, and we had 5 jumpers! After some fustrating words thrown out and dirty looks at the rude "desk lady" we shrugged our shoulders and went on.

I went first, since my kids were there, i didn't know how long they were going to last, but definately wanted to let them see mommy jump! I got all suited up and off we went. There was no explanation of anything until we were up on the plane and even then, seemed too brief! When we got to altitude, which was 10,000 by the way, i knealed down to be straped to my trainer, and boy do they strap you TIGHTLY together! I sat leaning on this tiny door being able to see the entire world beneath me and then, the door opened!! There was no fear, no sense of anything except for total excitement! I was so ready to jump! The rush of wind on my face was overwhelming for a split second, but i was so pumped! I was never more ready for this! It just seemed like any other rollercoaster ride to me. My trainer kinda teased me a bit, and leaned me out once, then twice, staring at the world so far beneath me. Kevin (my trainer) said one last piece of valuable advice "if at any point we get separated, just meet me back at the building." HA! Nice! i thought! We said good bye to our pilot and that was it... He leaned me far out the door and then jumped! We did some flips and twirls and spins and free falled 10,000 feet off the ground for 30 seconds and it was the most amazing 30 seconds of my LIFE!! Then he pulled the parachute release and it was DEAD SILENCE! Once my ears popped and i could see again, kevin said, "Welcome to my office!" It was the most BEAUTIFUL sight ever! You could see everywhere! Kevin then gave me the "reigns" and i was able to fly us around for a while. We did so many spins and twirls, and it was FAST! It was amazing!!! A total invigorating feeling! And then, like that, it was done and we had landed! A smooth sailing, soft landing! Couldn't have been more perfect! There's nothing to describe the experience except INCREDIBLY AMAZING!! It was the greatest feeling in the world and i will DEFINATELY be going again some day!!! Only next time, i will DRAG my husband, kicking and screaming! I landed feet in front of my family and friends and Landen ran up to me and said, "Mommy, did you jump out of the airplane? Ok, MY TURN!" Ha ha, what a stud.... someday Landen, some day.... i will even go with you! 3.5 hours later, and about a 40 degree weather drop, we were all done! All 5 of us had jumped, landed, and walked away!
It was just amazing! An experience of a life time!! Sheer joy, peacefulness and serenity! And a feeling NEVER to forget!
Signing away our lives
Getting all suited up
The tiny little plane
Kaylee loved following us come down!
The jumpers, Susan & Larry even made us all shirts
(we were only allowed to wear if we WALKED
to Susan afterwards) that said "They pushed,
it opened, i lived" They are so funny!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Heeeere fishy-fishy

Poor Fish.....

Monkey See-Monkey Do!

Last night Landen put Warren in time out! (yes, i mean my 3 year old put my husband in time out) for "hitting" mommy. Warren and i were just playing and then Landen got pretty upset for something, and once he calmed down and we could finally understand what he was saying under all that gibberish she broke out in laughter. Landen took Warren by his hand and yelled at him the whole way to the time out bench. Landen got right in Warren's face, finger pointed at his nose and everything and said, "Do you want me to hit you? Do you? Then don't hit mommy, that's a no no!" and then hit Warren on his back. He then told him he had to quit being a bad boy. Oh he is so stinkin HILARIOUS!! Warren and i about died laughing! I still chuckle thinking about it in my head!

No Bake Play Dough!

Here is a really good receipe for some NO Bake Play Dough. It was so easy that Landen was able to make it "all by himself" and loved it!! It was a lot of fun and he enjoyed being a part of the entire process. So here's the receipe for anyone else looking for a fun, cheap and easy activity!!

3 cups flour
1/3 cup salt
2 tbsp oil (veg)
1 cup water
7 drops food coloring

Mix dry ingredients with oil in large bowl. In seperate bowl add food coloring to water and mix together. Slowly (about 1/4 cup at a time) add water to flour/salt/oil mixture and mix together with spoon. Once you've added all the water, knead the dough with your hands. Add more flour as needed to reduce "stinky-ness"


Monday, September 28, 2009

Pampa & Elli

I know this is totally over due but i still had to post some pics of it! Recently we were fortunate enough to have my sister kelli and my dad come out for a few days for a visit! We were so thrilled to have them!! here's just a fun pics from that trip!!

Mimi bought a "make your own birdhouse kit" for pampa and landen to do. Landen had a blast making it with his pampa! When it was all done Landen took it outside carrying it and started yelling, "BIRDS! BIRDS! YOUR HOUSE IS DONE! COME INSIDE!! " It was so sweet! They had to build it then paint it, and now it hangs in my front porch right next to my bird feeder! Landen still reminds me who did it every time we walk out the front door!
The finished product!

Kaylee with Aunty Kelli


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