Friday, September 17, 2010

2 Special Birthdays!

Today is Kaylee's 2nd birthday!! I cannot believe where the time has gone! I was going through old pictures to find some to post of Kaylee and i got very tearful at how little she used to be and WHERE IN THE HECK DID 2 YEARS GO?! Honestly!!! Kaylee is such a sweet, sweet baby girl! She's our little monkey, very mischievious & sassy (tiny but mighty, and you better not forget that!) but she's also such a girly-girly, has to take her makeup, her purse, her jewelry, everywhere she goes. We will go through 3 or 4 different outfits and shoes before she decides on one to wear! (she's going to cost us a fortune in clothes and shoes alone!) she's still so tiny and petite just like mommy. She finally graduated out of her 12 month clothing (well, some of it) and is starting to get into 18 months. She is so snuggly and so loving. She has started to say the family prayer and LOVES it! She's so sweet! We are very blessed to have this sweet, sweet baby girl in our lives! Last night we had a little birthday party for her with cake, ice cream and loads of presents! She is a spoiled spoiled little girl! And this afternoon Kaylee is having her little girlfriends over for a princess lunchin! I am so excited for it! Pics to come!

Today is also very special because Kaylee shares her birthday with her Great Grandma! What a special, special treat! She turns 65 today!! So happy birthday too to our special Poppy!!!


Pondering in Peace

As i sit here awake (far too early on a friday morning) my house is quiet. not much to do without making noise. (even warren is still in bed) i thought i'd get online and do a quick blog update.

On sunday Landen gave his first talk in primary! i was (am) so proud of him! He was supposed to give the scripture one time, a few months ago but was too scared. So when i got the call for him to give a talk, i immediately wrote his 30second talk and we practiced a couple times a day! I gave him a picture to hold (to hide behind) and told him that were going to "read a story to all his friends in primary" (that seemed to help... far less scary then a "TALK") he was so proud! he gave me the biggest grin and sat up and waved to me when i walked into his room. He asked grandma to come listen too, since daddy and grandpa were gone that day. He got up and stood at the podium so proud, and did an awesome job! I was so proud of him! He's my little trooper!

Warren, his dad, new brother in law Michael and grandpa went hunting last week. They went archery hunting had a great time. Landen was very sad when he found out that daddy was going to try to shoot bambi. But once he realized that daddy would bring home the dead dear and he could touch it (oh to be a boy!) he was hoping daddy would get one! sounds like there was a few close calls, and several arrows unaccounted for, they all came home empty-handed. But they all were thrilled to have some bonding "boy time".

Warren and i have "unofficially" decided it still isn't time for a new baby yet. but as warren mentioned, it's not set in stone and things may change. it just isn't the right time yet, despite how baby hungry i think we BOTH are. Is it weird to say that and then tell you we laid in bed a few nights ago thinking of baby names? LoL... yes, we are weird. So for now... we will stay away from our ward's drinking water and it'll just be the 4 of us for now :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tessa & Michael's Wedding

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stanley 2010

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As i sat here posting new things on craigslist (again) i realized how grateful i am for craigslist! We have furnished our home from craigslist, made a 2nd (& 3rd) income off craigslist & have been able to purchase items that we NEVER would have been able to afford through craigslist. My daycare kids were found on craigslist, and i've been able to sell unused items, upgrade items & trade items for HUGE profits and/or NOTHING out of my own pocket! What a blessing! Every piece of furntiure in our home was "previously owned" except for 3 items.... our entertainment center (bought new for us), our bed (bought new for us) and our beautiful crib, which was hand made. Everything else... craigslist. If i buy something i have a nack for remembering what it cost us, even years later and when we are done with that item, put it back on craigslist for the amount we paid for it or a profit (90% of the time, a profit)! We are able to do SO much through craigslist! Recently, we wanted to the take the kids to the fair but knowing how much it actually costs to go is a nightmare! Well, i was able to sell a bunch of unused items for a good stash to take the kids, PLUS i was able to find tickets on craigslist to allow us to go TWICE! For a fraction of the cost!

The biggest blessing of craigslist is the random kindness of strangers! There's been a couple times we've posted for things in need that we haven't had the money for at the time and the NUMBEROUS responses of people's willingness to help a complete stranger is amazing! Then turning around and being able to help others when they are in that time of need leaves me with a wonderful feeling and is a great teaching lesson for our kiddos.

Do you craigslist?

Kind of a random post, but i just wanted to express my feelings and my gratitude towards craigslist this evening! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

1st annual sisters weekend

End of July my sister Kiersten and I decided to take a weekend (with no kids!) to go visit my other sister Kelli who works at Yellowstone. I kept a "mini journal" (more for humor purposes) of our trip. So here it is:
Day 1:
Left 1.5 hrs late
Saw Coyote
Followed herd of buffalo (too dark for camera)
Joked about bear attacking car
Laughed at "welcome to yellowstone warnings"
Kelli's sucky direections look us 30 miles the WRONG WAY
(2am) finally made it
Got locked out of dorm room
Went outside dorm room to see mama and baby calf, heard it move, ran away (slowly)
Kelli stepped in cow pie on the way into her window
Went thru 3 pens writing this silly list
Watching backside for "Goring"
(4am) (i've been up almost a full 24hrs) laughed ourselves silly and made a new friend, Gordon Ramsmee

Day 2:
After going to bed after 5am we're awake by 9am :(
Went back to sleep til 11:30-harder to wake up than at 9
Watched bisen and cub from dorm window
Pulled over to see Elk on the side of the road
Souveneir shopping
Waited and wait for Old Faithful... it was.... eh....
Went on 3+mile hike to morning glory... saw tons of geysers
Back to hotel, ate frito salad (YUM)
Facebooked the hubs

Day 3:
Wanted to be gone "early" left at 11:30am
Took us 42mins to drive about 1.5 miles because of darn bissen crossing. (They aren't nearly as cool anymore)
Finally got to Uncle Tom's Trail. It was extremely steep starting off. It made me tired thinking about walking up & nervous seeing obviously very well fit men and women heavily breathing on their way up.
Made it to the bottom-one word-GORGEOUS!
Dragged outselves back up, 335 STEEP stairs (i almost fainted)
Watched in awe as boy with 1 leg ran passed us
Recovered-went on a new, ,shorter trail to Brink of Upper Falls-Fun, Easy, Beautiful!
Started to rain & storm w hile on trail-we didn't care, stayed and took pics
Started to hail-already soaked, we ran to the car.
Drove back to hotel-listen to Kiersten complain about bissin traffic, i took more pics & still wished one would come up to my window- or ram us :) Does insurance cover bissen? hmmm...
Went to Kelli's resturant for dinner. Had Antelope (tastes JUST like hamburger), Bisen (chewy but GOOD), Elk (YUM!) & lobster tail (tastes like cheap crab)$80 later for 3 meals... ouch!
Attempted to have a mini fire on the beach for S'mores... FAILED!
Used a lighter in the car to roast marshmellows on a stick... still had my s'mores
Went the the Pub-played pool & table tennis (note to self:never enter contest with Kelli)

Day 4: (final day)
Headed home :(
Tried to get last of remaining license plate states: I did find Maine :)

All in all, it was a great trip, and we had a wonderful time!

Favorites worth sharing!

Just for fun.... here are a couple of my FAVORITE dances from this season of So You Think You Can Dance...

This one is my NUMBER one favorite of ALL TIME!!! To make it even better while watching it... Alex (the white guy) is a trained BALLET dancer, Dancing with all-star hip hop dancer Twitch.... ENJOY!

Another favorite was by Robert and all-star Allison. "Fix you" Was choreographed by all-star Travis for his mom who has breast cancer and this was dedicated to fixing her. It's a beautiful piece!

Another one worth posting is from Bryan Gaynor who has tried out a couple of times for the show but due to the fact he has Scoliosis, he was never able to make it. He has since formed his own crew "Remote Kontrol" and they were the guest performance one night. It's amazing the way these guys can move!! And the story tops it off!!


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