Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last year while at the mall trying to get a picture of the kids with the Easter Bunny, Landen was no where to be seen! He REFUSED to sit or even stand next to the big eared bunny. But this year without any fight (& a little bribery) we were able to get a picture with BOTH kids! *Can you see my big happy face* Kaylee didn't want off the bunny's lap! This really was a big accomplishment for Landen. Even being around characters A LOT in his 3 short years of life, hes never liked them. So we were pretty excited about this picture here....

This is Landen's silly face

I can't get enough of this one either!!! Awe, Precious!

Easter at the Zoo

On Saturday was the Easter Extravaganza at the zoo. Warren had to work that day and i had one extra with me that day.... so we toughed it out and i took the kids by myself. There was SOOOO many people that it was almost impossible to do anything! The kids enjoyed the animals more than the actual egg-hunt. But we had a great time! I'm looking forward to many trips to the zoo this spring/summer!

I agree Kaylee :-)


Just some fun pictures from our Sunday....

Today's pocket change!

Dear Albertson's and Rite Aid,
Before couponing i NEVER shopped at your stores. You will be happy to know now, that you two are my favorite!! (depending on the week) But this week... you are my favorite! Albertsons.... you made my day today when i had 8 transactions with literally the change in my pocket. My most expensive transaction was $1.17. Rite Aid.... although your single check rebates have always made me do more work than i'd like, i still use it and am looking forward to my $50 some check in the mail in the next couple of weeks! So thank you for being so friendly and allowing me to coupon at your store. For that, i will continue to shop there!

Rite Aid: After rebates will have paid $ 6.43
Saved: $53.47

Albys: Spent $6.17
Saved $86.53
(that's 40 cans of veggies, 4 boxes of pasta, 8 yogurts and 10lbs of flour!)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

18 months!!

Happy 18 months to our little Kaybear!!
What a funny, sassy, energentic little thing she has grown into! No more little baby anymore :-( Her personality is sure coming out and she is an absolute ball to have around!

What a morning!

This morning i woke up bright and early (ok, it wasn't even bright yet, that's how early it was) to go to Albertson's to get in on the post cereal sale today. My Albertsons is so wonderful! You're only allowed to do 3 transactions in a row but they opened a register just for me and then closed the line behind me so that i could do all my 15 transactions in a row! The bagger put all my cereal up in rows of 5 boxes (i was doing 5 boxes/transaction) Then put them all in boxes according to what cereal they were. SOOOOO awesome of them! Not to mention i spent about $20 on 50-some boxes of cereal!!! Saving over $200!!!! WHOOT WHOOT! We now have over a years supply of cereal! (would have gotten more but we calculated how much we would eat by when they expire so it worked out pretty perfect! :-)

After Albertsons i went to Rite Aid and spent $5 on over $50 worth of stuff! So all-in-all it was a FANTASTIC morning!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Feels good...

The last few weeks our second freezer has gone from -costing more to power than whats actually in it to.....

.....Pretty well stocked if you ask me. Including 45lbs of ground beef! YAY! It's a WONDERFUL feeling to have that much stocked up!

DaDdY's LiTtLe PrInCesS

Just a few more pictures from this week....

Faith is like a little seed....

When planted it will grow!

Last week in Primary Landen planted his very first little seed and waited and waited for it to grow. Well today, as we were watering it, guess what we found?! That's right! 4 or 5 little green stems! Landen was SOOOO excited! He wanted me to put it down so he could watch it grow! :-) He was so proud of it and i was so very excited for him! I don't even have a clue what it is but Landen informs me its "just a flower."

Pictures from Grandpa Rich

Our handy little man


The kids' new ride!!!
I had to try to it, and YES, i fit! It was actually really fun! LOL!

Taking sissy for a drive

I think he liked it!

Landen's first day at preschool, brought home his first craft! he was pretty proud of it! (us too!)

Check me out

Kaylee's new pony! Yeup, she got her own pink pony! :-)



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