Monday, July 12, 2010


Today is Warren's 26th birthday (i think, right steph?) And while he is pretending to enjoy his day at work the kids and i are off to go "berfday" shopping for him! Kaylee wished her daddy a happy birthday via voice notes to his phone this morning and Landen is SUPER DUPER excited to go buy him ALL the toys he ever wanted (by HE i mean, Landen) :) Here's a little something fun!

26 Reasons why WE love Warren
(yes, Landen is helping me make this list)
1. He works very hard & gave up a lot for us
2. He's ALWAYS put his family first, without a 2nd thought
3. He is EXTREMELY patient!
4. He plays games with me (landen)
5. He lets me climb on him like a jungle gym (don't worry, this was landens too!)
6. He has an amazing musical talent (voice & instruments)
7. He sends me a text (almost) every morning just to say, "Good morning, i love you, have a great day."
8. He always fixes my plate first
9. He lets me sleep with the extra good pillow
10. Hes always willing to serve without expecting anything in return
11. Hes HOT! :)
12. He has more talents than anyone i know
13. He always gives me the "red ones" from his candy
14. He refuses to let me go to sleep til i kiss him goodnight
15. He loves chic-flicks ;)
16. Hes an absolutely AMAZING dad!
17. He compliments me every single day
18. He tries so hard to put Kaylee's hair up & on days I put her hair up but it looks terrible he lets me blame it on "him" doing her hair
19. Hes a very hard worker
20. "He makes me feel better when i'm scared of dragon kites & ghosts and scary things at school" (lol)
21. He still tries very hard to impress me
22. He holds the priesthood
23. He cleans up after my spills (landen)
24. Hes very smart!!
25. He puts up with A LOT from me (thats from both of us) :)
26. And last but not least, He is my best friend! He IS the love of my life and i wouldn't have it any other way! He is absolutely perfect for me in every way, (dirty laundry and all)


Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Moment of VICTORY!

Have you ever held a black light up in your bathroom? Even after you've cleaned? Well if you haven't... i wouldn't recommend it. In fact, i would STRONGLY recommend you NOT to do this! You WILL be traumatized!

About a year ago I bought that "Urine Gone" (p.s. works great for potty training kids!) well with it came a black light to show "urine" gross, right? Well me being the crazy girl i am, put the black light in the bathroom to see what "treasures" i could fine. I about threw up at the horror of how disgusting my bathroom was! I could not believe how far urine could fly across the room!!!! To make it worse... i had cleaned the bathroom the day before!
YUCK is all i can say!!

Well today I WOULD put the black light into any of my bathrooms... go ahead, come over and try me! The kids & hubby are out of the town this weekend so i took 4.5 hrs of none stop work and SCOURED my entire house!!! Every nook & cranny is completely clean. Every toilet, scrubbed. Every floor, vacuumed & moped. Every bed, made. Every piece of laundry, cleaned folded and put away. Every dish, washed and put away. Landen's room decorations, fixed and back up. Every dust particle, gone. The tracks on the train table, reassembled. Winter clothes, put away. My house is peaceful when it's clean. And this weekend i get to enjoy it, to myself, in peace & QUIET!! Quiet... hmmm.... what does that sound like....? Oh yeah.... this.... the only sound i can hear is the ceiling fan and the buttons on the keyboard as i am typing.
It is a beautiful sound!

But i wish i could say i am going to lay down and enjoy the quiet the rest of the day but i've got errands to run, fondant to make, cake to decorate, bday presents to buy, and wedding crafts that need to be made!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

...and our 4th!

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Our *July* 3rd

Saturday morning we took the kids to see Toy Story 3. It was a GREAT movie, (i admit, i cried, but just a little) And to make it even better we paid $6 for the four of us to get into a movie, a popcorn, drink & nachos! Great deal, huh? The kids (and us non kids) loved the movie. Kaylee sat without moving for 45 minutes!! Kept her same chip in hand too!
We spent the rest of the day together and up with Grandma, Grandpa, Tessa and Michael at Melba to enjoy some fattening food and fireworks. We had the BEST seats for the fireworks! We were laying on a little hill and directly underneath the fireworks! It was amazing! It was like each firework was raining above us! I have never been that close to fireworks before! (and mind you, i've seen A LOT more fireworks than the average person!) It really was neat!!!
Enjoy the pictures! (turn your speakers on too!) :)

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Newest member of our Family....


(or tigerBilly depending on who you ask)

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!

Anxiously awaiting for Daddy to come home from his week long conference in SLC.

Highs from Lowe's

On Saturday Warren and Landen went to Lowe's Build and Grow activity. We had never done it but when i saw they were building MONSTER TRUCKS i HAD to sign Landen up. Needless to say Landen and Warren had a GREAT time! Landen even got his own goggles, apron, a badge that has a monster truck on it so we sew it onto his apron and REAL toddler size hammer! Not to mention the totally awesome wood monster truck he built BY HIMSELF! I was quite impressed! It's a pretty solid monster truck! I think Landen enjoyed having Daddy all to himself for a couple hours too!

We will look forward to going to these the rest of the summer!!

So cute!!

Look at that concentration!

Serious stuff going on here!

He was so proud of it!


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