Monday, July 20, 2009

Really?! C'on, REALLY?!!

As if July wasn't stressful enough on us financially, i walked out to the garage this morning only to find our freezer door completely swung open, water all over the floor, the aweful smell of fish and a garage about 40degrees colder than normal. Last night apparently while Landen helped himself to a popsicle in the garage freezer, he forgot one minor detail..... close the door when you're done. SO all my food in the deep freezer has thawed, the freezer itself... thawed... sooooo much food ruined and i'm not spending my already busy morning, cooking all the food i could some-what salvage. And today was supposed to be my day i didn't neeed to cook! we have a part to go to tonight so i was looking forward to not having to cook dinner! Go figure! What makes it worse is that i JUST stocked up the freezer because we have company coming in town tomorrow so i bought extra of EVERYTHING....

So now, my house smells like terriyaki chicken, smoked sausauge, baccon, sausage links, and hamburger.... all wonderful smells, just not at the same time....

The only NOT ruined...... POPSICLES!!!

Lesson Learned!!!

Anyone want to join us for dinner? ;-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Warren's Bday Pics

Here are some cute pics from Warren's 25th birthday.

Finally.... ReLieF and our busy week!

Ever since Kaylee was born we have been trying to get her to take a bottle. With Landen, i nursed and bottlefed him formula from the time he was born. With Kaylee, i was strickly nursing with the occationally try of Daddy feeding her milk from a bottle to let me rest at night. Every once in a great while she would take a little but not enough to make it count as a meal. So we had finally given up. Until recently i started giving her sippy cups of juice just to play with, and that's all she did with it, just chewed on it and got a little juice each time. Then i told Warren, that's it, i'm done. I can't nurse anymore. Nursing with 8 teeth and a very loud 3 year old catching the attention of Kaylee every 10 seconds of nursing, yeah just wasn't happening!
(i doubled my time with Landen so i was okay with that) I started giving her a bottle and it took all of a day and a half and she is now on a bottle!! HOOOOOOORAAAAY!!! I was so completely excited the first bottle she sucked down dry!! I literally wanted to throw a party!!! So for now, for my sake, Kaylee is nursing for breakfast and then for a bedtime snack... and that's only because Kaylee and i are the only ups at that time and she can eat in peace!

I was really dreding trying to wean her but wanted so badly to have her completely weaned before our vaca next month. And boy and am excited to have her on a bottle!! Its amazing how much time you can have when you're not nursing every few hours. If you know me at all, you know i am not one that can just SIT, i have to be doing something. Warren and i will watch a movie and i fold laundry, or make something yummy to eat, or scrapbook. I'm just not one to sit.

Kaylee turned 10 months on Friday! She is soooo big!! She still refuses to crawl, shes just not going to. Shes standing up on everything, she will sit up on her own while being on the floor scootin' around. She tries so hard to walk. So we just figure she's going to get up and walk away one day. Landen was crawling by 9 months, walking by 11 months, and Kaylee just like to roll!! And i'm TOTALLY okay with that!! :-)

We have had an extremely busy week and another busy week ahead of us!!

We saw lots of movies at the Free Family Film Festival, which landen LOVES going to see them!! Our friend Neilsen and Jo even went with us! We spent 5 1/2 hrs at Roaring Springs with Millers and Landen has NOT stopped talking about how he went to the water park with Madison, Madallyn and Connor. Kiki, Telli, Tessa, Warren and I took Landen to float Indian Creek on Saturday (with all 200 other people) at first he was really scared (i think me yelling slightly didn't help down the white water) he said, "okay i'm done now, lets go home" but after a little while he was having fun! He definately enjoyed having his aunts go with him. He sat between Warren and I on our 4 man boat which was really fun! We bought it YEARS ago and finally used it for the first time! lol! Susan had Kaylee almost all day saturday, while we floated the creek, then she came out to own house to watch both kiddos and put them to sleep while Warren, Larry, Tessa, Kirsti, Kelli and I went to see Harry Potter. It was a lot of fun, and what a wonderful Mother in Law i have!!!

Pampa will be here wednesday early early and we couldn't be more excited!! Landen can't wait to show him is room!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Landen's surgery

For all those people that have been asking exactly what Landen was having surgery for, here's the story....
We found out at Landen's first dentist appt that on some of his teeth the enamel doesn't grow, so they are completely unprotected. Nothing we could have done would have prevented it either. And none of this should follow onto his adult teeth. The surgery was to fix a bunch of things on his teeth. He had 4 fillings and 1 crown put on, extensive x-rays, checked for possible nerve damage, removed a nerve that had been damaged, basically a mini root canal and then the basic cleaning, floride all of that after they were done. He did REALLY great before, during and after the surgery!! i was so proud of him! The hospital, doctors and nurses were WONDERFUL and made everything as kid friendly as they could! Which totally made the difference!

When we got there they gave him his id bracelet and gave me one so i could be cool like him.

Then we went into a room where they had cartoon already on for him. He got his cute little hospital gown on and watched cartoons for a bit. They even put on "Cars" just for him!
(Just had to get the bum picture! and look at that little pose!)

Then he was given some medicine to make him feel drousy but not fall asleep.
he was really funny once the medicine started to kick in! He started playing with his eyelashes and waving his hands about 3 inches from his eye. It was cute.
(can you tell the medicine had kicked in by now?) LOL!
After about 20 minutes our Dentist came in and talked to us for a while, let us know all the details of everything and then 4 male nurses came in and thought he was the funnest thing and talked with him, played with him a bit and showed him all the cool things they were going to use and do. Then they wheeled him away. As he was going out the door one of the nurses said, Say bye mom. Landen raised his arm and said, "Ok bye mom! see ya!" he was so drugged up he didn't even care where he was going or who was taking him! Which was good!!

They completely knocked him out once he was in the O.R. for the surgery.
After about an hour and a half the Dr came and told me everything went well, what exactly they had ended up doing and that it couldn't have gone any better!
Once he woke up he was pretty cranky. He woke up in a new place, still drugged up, new people and iv's and bandages all over him (i would be pretty cranky too) He cried for probably 45 minutes while i rocked him and then gave him a little more medicine to help him calm down, we watched some more cartoons and then were on our way home!
(just waking up, still a little out of it and playing with his eye)
Instead of a wheelchair to take him to our car they had a wagon that he got to ride in! He loved it! They even drove him around the car track they had in the pediatric recovery room.
He was definately the hit at the hospital! The nurses and Drs had so much fun with him and he enjoyed playing with all of them!! The staff was AWESOME with him and it made all the difference in the world! I was really impressed!
Later that day we rested quite a bit, he'd get up and play with Connor a little bit and then would go lay back down and by the end of the night, he was his same old honry self!! It's amazing to me how fast kids can heal from something like that! I would have been on my death bed for days!!! you never would have guessed he had had surgery that morning the way he ran and played!
We were very lucky to have such wonderful people to help us! Hes doing great as of now, hasn't taken any pain medicine, is eating like nothing happened, and playing like nothing happened. I showed him his silver crown and he ran around showing everyone that the Dentist fixed his teeth. But i'm glad its all over with now!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Warren!

Well i know its a day late but Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband and even better Daddy!! We love you and hope that your day was every bit as special as you are!
p.s. Do you feel old yet?
Me, Landen & Kaylee

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We knew that July would be a tough month for us. We knew that with Warren's new job we would have to penny pinch every hidden penny under the couch to get us through this month. But why is that when we need to save and watch our budget EXTREMELY close that 10x more unexpeded expenses pop up??????

Why is that in this month where we have NOOOO extra money for ANYTHING....
Warren's 25th birthday rolls around.... i get a$75 speeding ticket.... every 3 months we have to buy cat food and dog food, guess which month July is?.... My only good credit card with NOTHING on it closes for NOOOOO reason.... Why is it that the guy making payments on our car who was supposed to pay a $1200 payment this month now needs an extension..... Why is it the month we are supposed to buy plane tickets to California for my cousin's wedding in August..... Why is it the month that Warren's license expires AND my registration needs renewed????? WHY wHy WhY?? I know that we are supposed to have trials and tribulations but WHY do they all have to be in the same month??!! and THIS month of all timing?!! WHY?

4th of JuLy PiCs


Landen's Choo-Choo Train Jell-o jigglers
we made! We was pretty proud as you can tell!

Landen actually took this picture,
not too bad! Actually pretty cool!

Landen lighting some fireworks with Dad,
don't worry they were just Snakes

Signs of a boy who had a GREAT
4TH of July!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cute pics and Settler's Park

Oh, Sundays are meant for moms like me who need an excuse to dress up their kids! :-)
This was just a fun picture of Landen jumping on his bed with my cool hat. Its really fun mid air! I originally bought it several years ago to take on the Tower of Terror ride in Disney California Adventure, for THIS very same shot! :-)

Here are a couple pictures from settler's park, have you gone yet?! :-)

Another Crazy day at the Christensen's!!

Our day started off pretty early. We had to take Landen to the Dr this morning to get a check up before his surgery on MONDAY!! We went to Treasurey Valley Pediatrics on Overland (right by Majestic (which, they were great and i totally recommend them!) He did awesome getting his physical. After that i took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, little did we know, we would spend the REST of the DAY there!!! 4.5 hours later we came home, cleaned up a little and then i worked on the Garage while my over exhausted hubby took a nap. Next thing i know, it was 9pm. And now its 10:42 and here i sit, on my computer, uploading pics and blogging! :-)

Crazy picture, huh? Well, only my son would look at this "wonderful" wasp's nest and say, "Hmmm... i think i'm going to stick my finger right in there and touch one."
Well, he did. So... here's to you and your big fat swollen middle finger bud!
While i was working the garage Landen started crying and i asked him what's wrong, he said, "the bee bite me" and he just kept saying it. So i went and looked at the fence and sure even, a bi ole' wasps nest. We've have a lot of bees around our house because of all the flowers and have been trying to tell Landen to not touch them because the bees will bite him. At least, we won't be having that problem any more!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Funnies... from a NOT so funny situation

Okay, so the other day i took Landen to see Space Chimps at the FREE family film festival at Edwards (gotta love it), went to run some errands afterwards, went out to lunch and then went home. On the way home a lovely pair of motorcycle cops decided it was my turn to be pulled over. Extremely fustrating going home with a $75 ticket!! He said he clocked me at 68mph on Meridian Rd.... yeah, not likely! What made it more fustrating is that i had my cruise control set at 56-57 the ENTIRE way until i caught up to someone going 40, so i sped to to pass him before getting stuck behind another line of cars also trying to do the same; and that's when mr. cop clocked me.... still no way it was 68!!! While the cop pretended to care (not to mention pretend to listen) about my side of the story Landen was in the back seat trying to talk to the cop. As the cop took my license back to his bike Landen asked me, "Mommy what is he doing" i told him, "looking at my car and hopefully not going to give me a ticket". Landen got really excited about me saying a ticket and said, "A ticket?! For Chuck-E-Cheese?!" (oh the innocense of children) After a quick chuckle i told him, no unfortunately not that kind of a ticket, however, i would've taken that ticket any day over the one i received. After a few choice words with the cop for not listening to me, i quickly sped off (no, not out of anger, just to get back on the road before the long line of cars caught up to us) Landen yelled, "No mommy, this is not a race car, only race cars go fast, slow down!" He was pretty mad at me. So after a few tears on our short 5 minute drive to get back to the house, Landen quickly ran inside and told Warren about the Chuck-E-Cheese ticket i had received on the way home. I don't know what i would have done without my little guy making humor out of a rather fustrating situation! He's such a sweetheart!

Needless to say, I took my ticket to the courthouse today to schedule a court date to fight my not so fair speeding ticket. So wish me luck! :-0

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A little of our day

Wow, yesterday was a really busy day for us but we had a lot of fun! We woke up early because Aunt Kiki wanted to take Landen swimming and we had to meet her in boise. Met up with kiki, switched car seats and off they went. While Landen was gone we went to run a few errands, went to the bank, i forgot something at home for the bank so we drove ALL the way back to Kuna, back to the bank, only to find out that they couldn't do what we needed them to (so the drive to kuna was a waste!) Went to pick up Landen, ran a couple more errands, went out to lunch, went to see Ice Age, (great movie) went home, relaxed for about an hour then went back into Boise to go to Madison's birthday part in settlers park.

For those of you who haven't been to Settler's Park, it is AMAZING!! The park is huge!! Baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, HUUUUUGE play area with cushioned ground, rock climbing walls, sunken pirate ship splash pad, picnic areas and every friday night they bring out this inflatable movie screen and you can go and watch a FREE movie outside!! It was an absolute blast and the kids loved it!! We spent 4.5 hours at the park yesterday!! yeah, CRAZY!! but it was way fun! we will definately be going out there again! I'm definately looking forward to a date night at the park to see the Princess Bride!! :-)
I'll post some pics from the park up later!!

We hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July! Landen and I made some BLUE jell-o jigglers and are excited for them to be cut up!


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