Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Steal of a Deal or Misprint? You decide!

So i am a Toys R us/Babies R Us "loyalty" customer which means i get coupons through my email that aren't advertized in stores. So i got this one email, printed the ad & coupons and took it into the store (not realizing exactly what i was going to buy til i got there) I was looking for the Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers (i had 2 coupons for $3.00 off each, great deal, yes) As i was looking at the wipes and my ad, then back at the wipes and again the ad, i realized there was a misprint on the ad. Okay, so maybe not a misprint BUT i took the ad to mean LITERALLY what it SAID, not pictured. So i asked Warren what he thought, showed him the ad, then the diapers. He shook his head and said, "No, that's not what it MEANS to say." Well i didn't care what they MEAN to say, i care what it ACTUALLY says. He started shaking his head and said, "You can fight it if you want, but i doubt it, and i'm going to stand over here." (Warren, so sweet and innocent, not one for conflict) So i took my printed ad to the front and talked to customer service. The ad had a picture of the Huggies refills wipes PACKAGES. But the ad SAID, "2 for $12 on ANY Huggies Wipes Refills" Right next to it had a $2 off any 2 BOXES of Huggies Wipes Refills. Well ANY Hugies Wipes Refills says to me ANY size refill regardless. RIGHT?!
So i asked the manager, "Does that include the boxes of huggies wipes refills?" She said, "We sell boxes of wipes refills?" I said, "YUP, and it says ANY refills so that should work right?" After a few minutes of back and fourth, trying to make my point she said, "well if it doesn't ring up that way i'll honor it then." SCORE!!! I was so excited i just about RAN back to tell Warren. He couldn't believe it! Normally these big boxes of refills cost $14.99 each and has 8 refills instead of 3!!! and i bought TWO yes TWO for $12 TOTAL!! I only wish they had more or else i would have bought a life time supply! :-) Anyway, it was a killer deal and i was SO glad i fought my way through it, since i was right, they print the ad, i'm going to take them literally for what it says! After that we walked out the store, i found something in my kart we didn't even pay for (WHOOPS!) (and yes i did go back to pay for it) And then we went to Jack N Box for a very fattening dripping with sause burger and even got a FREE Large Fry! It was a GOOD night! :-)


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