Monday, June 29, 2009

.... And a little bit of Sunday

Here's just some fun pics from our Sunday Afternoon

Hmmm... think she'll be crawling soon?

I LOVE this picture! She was so mad at me for not picking her up! But her mad faces are just so irresistable!! Glad i was finally able to catch it on camera! Look at her completely up on her toes! Funny girl!

She's been trying to crawl for the longest time, i think she's finally getting it!
One of Warren's father's day gifts, his quote he reminds me EVERY night so i finally had it made and put up just for him ... :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well yesterday was a very fun filled day! We woke up super early to get ready for the yard sale which, i could not believe how much stuff we had! I had asked from friends and family that if they had anything they wanted to bring they could but i was actually grateful that no one ended up coming because i don't know where everything would've gone!! My sweet husband informed me that this was the last yard sale we could ever have. (He says that every time though) Pretty sad when we've been married 5 years and have managed to have at least 10 yard sales!
Landen enjoyed playing with old toys and snooping through everything and enjoyed all the little kids that came to say hello to him.

It was a very slow afternoon but we did make quite a bit. Afterwards i sorted through stuff to post on craigslist, stuff to D.I. and a big pile of stuff to take to that Iraqi family.
Despite what i may have thought, it actually was pretty good, busy, but pretty good. Kids were well-behaved, Kaylee put up with me more than i could've asked for, I didn't gripe at Warren too much, we made some money and cleared out a lot of junk. Even though we still can't find any takers for our bunk bed!

After an all day yard sale we cleaned up, hurried inside, cleaned ourselves, made a broccoli salad (YUM!) and went to our Ward Party. It was a blast and i'm really glad we went! Landen had a great time playing all the games and playing with all the kids. Warren won the pie eating contest! (he makes me so proud) and Kaylee enjoyed her nap. Our ward was also having an auction and after fighting with Jefferson for a while, we finally won Wake Boarding Lessons for Warren. Which, turned out to be a little more than i was wanting to pay, but it sounds like it'll be a blast and Landen and I will get to go hang out on the boat to watch Daddy fall... I mean wake board ;-) So Happy Birthday Babe, hope its worth it!
All in All, it was a really fun busy day! Now that this week is over my days are FINALLY going to slow down! Thank goodness!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Awe, Roaring Springs we meet again!

The warm weather is just starting but Landen and I have manged to sneak in a few trips to Roaring Springs already. Monday was Roaring Springs’ 10 year anniversary so all day passes were only $10 so Warren and Kaylee got to come with us. It was Kaylee’s first trip and she loves it!! It wasn’t the warmest of days but still warm enough to play for a little while. Kaylee and I sat at the very very end of the wave pool and she splashed te water with each wave that swims over her chunky little legs. It was a lot of fun! Landen and i will definately get a use out of our passes! And going there motivitates me to get back into shape & work on my tan! :-)

I love this picture!

Landen had a sponge bob ice cream....

And was very good about sharing it with his baby sister
A rainbow without rain... pretty cool, huh?

SuMmeR timE is FOr Yard sAleS

i'm an addict... truely i am, (just ask Warren, he reminds me often) yard sales, craigslist, i can't get enough of it. I LOVE finding great deals on things. Things for us, things to fix, stuff to sale, things to create or things to clean and sale. I managed to make over $200 on craigslist yesterday just selling old junk! It's a part time job that i LOVE! I can sell anything to anyone, i've sold NUMBEROUS things for others for quite a profit, above asking price. I'd like to think i could sell ice to an eskimo (and if i ever run into eskimo and happen to have a bag of ice with me, i think i'll try it)

I'm really excited for summer time because it means waking up early saturday morning, feeding and snuggling my little kaybear, handing her off to Dad and taking a slow drive through neighborhoods looking for those great yard sales (which doesn't seem like very many any more) But every 3 or 4 yard sales i go to one seems to turn out great.

I'm always able to find something for someone! Last week was Landen's week. I found some super cute Spider man pj's that have a web under the arms,

sponge bob pj's, chicken little pj's, (all his favs) brand new jeans for $1!!! and this....

I found a little blue "big boy" bike for Landen for a steal of $8.00!!! I was so excited! And so was he! It looks brand new, training wheels and all! He's still very cautious riding it but he loves it. Now we just need to go ANOTHER helmet because some naughty dog decided to have it for lunch....

Speaking of great deals, i just happened to get on craigslist and be the first person to find the perfect little playhouse. Warren immediately got his Dad's truck and drove to Meridian to pick her up. We bought it site unseen but for a "first come, first serve" i didn't care. When he got there it was MUCH larger than expected which made for a fun drive home. When Warren pulled up into the drive way Landen and i just watched in awe. It was PERFECT!

And best of all.... It was FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yEs FrEEEEEEE!!!
She needs quite a bit of work, but i am way excited to fix it up! We'll just take it piece by piece and replace as needed. Clean it, Paint it, add carpet (thanks to Auntie Dawna) and hopefully get some fun little "kitchen" items for the little guy. We already have his little chairs and table in there and he seems really excited! He helped Warren hammer in some nails and sweep it out. It was pretty cute. So this is my summer project! Hopefully it won't take too long and hopefully it'll turn out really nice!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Landen's Birthday Pictures

FINALLY! here's some cute pics of Landen's Birthday Parties.

Landen's totally awesome SpongeBob cake, I made it myself!
And yes, i am quite proud of it!! But... so was he! :-)

Opening his presents (day 2) and showing off his sword fighting with Dad

The kids at Monkey Bizness, that is a way fun place! I don't know if it was more fun for the kids or for Warren and I!

On the way home from Monkey Biz.

April Showers Bring May (or June) Flowers

These beautiful flowers are adding color to our front yard and definately making my days more colorful! The beautiful bright orange and yellow Lilies have bloomed and are absolutely GORGEOUS! There is so much color and i LOVE it! It's amazing how even in the cloudy, overcast day, one bright little flower still shines like it's under a spot light!

even this one little dandilion that doesn't seem to want to go away... though it sits all alone...... Still strikes my interest for a pretty shot.


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