Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Suppose

Well Brittaney has put so much effort into this blog and I Suppose it's about time I put some work into it. At least this time I won't have any pictures to describe a wonderous thing but I will put some insight and perspective on life as of recent and go from there. Just like Brittaney said I started back up school this week. It will be a craaaazy semester but when push comes to shove and only 18 credits later I will be graduating with a Bachelors degree in Business Adminstration with an emphasis in Finance. Yes, finance. The one degree that would have rocked....until last year. When the economy slumped the one degree to go down with it seemed to be Finance. No more Investment Banks. Commercial Banks are getting bailed out left and right so they don't go under; and people do NOT trust the stock market right now which is extremely unfortunate. But I will be patient and pull through and come out in the end with a rockin' job.

As far as the family is concerned I was off school for a month and LOVED the time I got to spend with the kids and Brittaney without the stress of school. It was wonderful and made it that much harder to start up again. Landen and I had a blast and he actually turned into a daddy's boy and well, Kaylee has always been a daddy's girl (at least that's what I tell myself). I loved the time I was able to spend with Brittaney, go to bed with her every night and NOT wake up to an alarm and be able to help raise the kids. She is such a wonderful mother and I hope at least for that month I was able to give her a small break from the stress of a stay at home mom. Anyway, to sum my family all up, Landen is a stud, Kaylee is absolutly precious, and Brittaney is perfect.

So I hope this catches everyone up on my perspective of life. You will hear back from me soon!!!


Well after having a full month off, Warren is now back in school. We had gotten so used to him being home all day with us and now him going back makes it that much harder! Landen sure did get used to it too! So he misses Daddy during the day, but luckily we had had several playdates already to keep him entertained. Kaylee sure had become quite the little daddy's girl too. But it's his final semester! We are so close and so excited!!
Here's a couple pics of Warren doing what daddy's do best.... Wrestling with Landen (while trying to get Kaylee to roll over) And then Kaylee's favorite, Patty Cake with Daddy!

What a stud

Landen is still mischievious as ever. A couple days ago Landen walked out of our room with this big ole' grin on his face and he just stopped in the doorway. Warren and i just looked at each other and said, Oh crap what did he get into. Then Landen walked out a little further and we saw exactly what he got into... Warren's shoes. LOL! He was so proud of himself, had found both of daddy's shoes in his closest, put them on and walked all the way out to us! He is a little stud!!

They grow up so fast.... gosh dang it!

Well our little Kaylee bear has finally hit the 4 month mark, whether we like it or not.
She's still not quite rolling over yet, she gets so close though! but that's probably because between all us 5 adults living together, she doesn't get put down much! ;-) But that's okay. She is full of smiles and giggles and has brought so much joy to this family already! She has the biggest smile and beautiful big brown eyes!! Every once in a while i'll get a picture of her smiling and she looks like a big chunk, but its just her little cheeks!
However, she does have her mommy's thunder thighs! She's still sleeping REALLY good! Except, she's sleeping from about midnigt to 10. So we're going to try to work on a 9-9 schedule. She's started her Cooing and blowing bubbles now as well, which means, a bib is ALWAYS on! :-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's finally come and gone. Christmas was so much fun! Landen had so much fun opening up all his gifts! he didn't even care to see what half the gifts were, he just had fun unwrapping them! For a "small christmas" this year, we still managed to end up with quite a bit! Of everything Landen got, the only thing he played with for quite a while was some silly little Fishing Santa candy that cost $2.00 GO FIGURE! He finally came around though and was playing with all his toys.
We still managed to have 3 Christmas' this year. We had Christmas morning here with the whole family, then Christmas afternoon at "Ka's" house with Pampa, Greg, Kelli, Brien and Ka. And then due some post office delays, we had another whole Christmas about a week later from Nina, Grandpa Rich and Penas. Nina bought Kaylee some BEAUTIFUL super frilly dresses which i look forward to sundays just to dress her up!! Penas and Grandpa Rich also bought the kids some bigger clothing which is WONDERFUL!!

Warren's scrapbook of memories, letters and pictures turned out to be 50+ pages!! It took me over a month to get it all done but it turned out REALLY great! He loved it! Thank you to everyone who took the time to write him!! He had to distract himself by telling landen to stop doing something so he didn't cry as he was reading it! :) So thanks again to everyone for helping! Next time you come by, you'll have to ask to see it!

Warren also got a Guitar hero World Tour for Christmas which was a HUGE surprise for him. Everyone has had so much fun playing it though! It really is super fun game to play with the whole family! Landen loves to "play" the "bums" (drums) and the guitar. When he plays the drums he even bangs the sticks together and says, One, Two, Three! Cute!!! We played it for several hours the first time we opened it. Larry is a mad man on the mic! Susan can rock the guitar, Tess is fun to watch on (guess what?!) the drums and Warren absolutely makes me sick because he's so stinkin' good at EVERYTHING!!!

I got a photo printer so i can finally print all those 700 pictures i take every month! lol! Thanks to Nina i was able to get a new Post Baby wardrobe with JCPenny's 70% sale! Yea Baby! But i think one of my favorite gifts was from Kiersten which was a DATE NIGHT!!! Movie tickets and a gift card to Texas Roadhouse! (She knows us too well)!! I'm way excited to use them as we all know, date nights just aren't as possible as we would like!!

So thanks to everyone for the wonderful and fun Christmas gifts and Christmas cards!! We have enjoyed all of our gifts and have had a lot of fun playing with them! We love getting Christmas cards with pictures and letters of our friends and family! We enjoyed having lots of family and friends to visit and share this holiday season with!! Thanks again and here's to 2009!!!


December, December, DECEMBER!

December was a lot of fun for us! I absolutely LIVE for the month of December! I love the Christmas music, all the lights and decorations, putting up our decorations, the snow (except for snow on the roads) Shopping for Christmas gifts, the kindness of people, absolutely everything!! I actually start getting depressed about 2 weeks before Christmas because i know it's going to end soon. But it was a wonderful time and it was a lot of fun having Landen be able to understand it a little better. Landen learned that Santa says "Ho, Ho, Ho Merrrrrry Christmas!" Except is sounds like, Ho Ho Ho Merrrrrry Pipmas! He loved watching the Christmas shows and "Rudolph".
Here's a few pictures from early December.

Another Story: I was sitting on the couch feeding Kaylee and watching Landen. He was taking off his shoes and then his socks. Once his socks were off he got a funny look on his face and decided to take his socks and PUT THEM ON MY TREE!!! He turned around and said, "Look mom!" He was so proud of himself for putting another "ornament" on the tree. It was so cute i had to leave them up! SO yes, i had a pair of Landen's dirty socks on my tree until Christmas!
"Pampa", Greg and Kelli came to visit for about 2 weeks during Christmas. It was wonderful to have them here! Landen had a blast with them! It was great to be able to visit and celebrate Christmas with almost my whole family! But we missed "Mimi" waaaay to much!

We did have a lot of fun being able to take Landen to play in the snow! He had a great time too! We had SOOOO much snow and it lasted several days which was great! Landen chased the dogs around and again tried to be a dog and ate the snow with them. I taught Bubba and Daisy to hold onto the rope and run around pulling Landen on his sled which he thoroughly enjoyed! Bubba had a fun last couple of days and played so hard! We all miss him very much!!

Kaylee also had a great December, she was finally able to get her baby blessing! It was great to have my Dad be able to be here as well. Susan made her a beautiful blessing dress and everything went great! Thanks to all those who came!

Recap of November

Well November was once again a busy busy month for us. Kaylee has been growing like a weed and Landen has been enjoying every minute of it! There were a couple funny moments of November that i thought were fun and had to share.

First of all: Landen finally discovered the doggy door. It's been up for over a month but he never realized that HE could go through it!! The funny thing is, was that he only found out he could do it because he was playing "Dog" so the dogs all went outside and sure enough Landen followed. I found him outside standing on the hot tub cover, in his PJs dancing around with the dogs!

Second: Landen decided he wanted to be a baby for a day. So i walk out of my bedroom and find Landen sitting in Kaylee's swing, with her binkie in his mouth, holding her bottle. It was way too funny to just yell at him to get out, i had to grab the camera first.

Lastly, we made our way to Pocatello for Thanksgiving this year. Which was a blast, we had a lot of fun visiting with everyone! Jyl and Ace were kind enough to let us stay with them for a few days. Landen and Dallas had a blast together!! Dallas wore his cowboy hat around and he went to get Landen his old hat. Landen loved it and Dallas (with the help of Jyl and Ace, i'm sure) let Landen take Dallas' old hat home. He didn't take that hat off for a good 2 or 3 days. He just loved it! And he looked so darn cute in it too!!

It amazes me how hard i laugh sometimes at the things Landen does! He is so stinkin funny and he knows it! Oh the mind of a two year old!

Here's a couple 3 months pictures of Kaylee as well!


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