Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another year of Graduation and a Birthday and a visit from MiMi!

Once again, we seem to have celebrated another graduation and birthday at the same time! This year, Landen graduated from "Playschool" and then shortly after he turned the big 4!! And to top it off Mimi was even here to enjoy the graduation with us! We had so much fun! It was really nice to have my mom here to spend some much needed quality time with us. It was just unforunate that we had to share her so much!



Out to Red Robin for Lunch!

Landen's Monster truck cake. He helped me design & decorate it. Turned out kinda silly but it's exactly what he wanted, which is all that matters!


Landen's birthday party gang!

He got the Job!!!

Well in case you didn't know.... (not sure how you couldn't know with all our excitement!) Warren got the APC job we had been hoping (and praying) for! What does APC stand for? Asset Protection Cordinator. Better, more consistant hours, much better pay, bigger bonuses, top management, and he has to (gets to) dress up to work for every day! What more could we ask for?! (Well i don't think Warren enjoys the dressing up part as much as i do!) So for the next couple of weeks he will be training in the Garden City store and then will be doing his thing at the Caldwell store. There is SOOOOOOOO much potential for Warren out there and we are totally excited to see him work his magic! Last month he was also awarded APA of the quarter! I am so proud of my hubs! He has definately worked his butt off to get to where he is and i'm very proud him! I'm really looking forward to see all that he can do! And oh the stories that will be told, i'm sure! :)

Way to go babe!!! We knew you could do it!


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