Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our week in B's...Bubbles, Baths, Bruises & a Beautiful Baby

Landen had his first real accident a few days ago. For being almost 3, that's pretty good, right? Him and Dad were playing tag and Landen was running FULL SPEED away from Warren. Warren reached down to try to grab hold of him, but instead, accidently pushed him and Landen landed face first into our wooden storage shelf in the laundry room. His face was pretty bad. It only swelled for about a day, but then there was a bruise around it and around his eye for several days. It's healing really good now though, it's amazing how fast kids can heal. He was pretty proud of it though and only told a couple people that Daddy did it. LOL! Warren felt horrible, but i made him take a picture.
The 2nd picture is his silly little face that he often does in pictures now, quite annoying after about 50 pictures of the same dead face.

Here's our beautiful little Kaybear. She got this beautiful dress from her Great-Grandma Nina and i had been waiting 3months for her to fit in it! Sunday came around and i thought, i'm going to pull that dress out, sure enough, it fit! yay!! She looked so beautiful in it, EVERYONE at church had to come and see her because "she was so darn cute"!
Now i just need to make a matching bow!

Landen has discovered floating in the bath. He absolutely loves it and looks so cute!!

On Tuesday i whipped out some bubbles and thought it would be fun for our little Kaybear to experience the joy of bubbles for the first time. We have these awesome bubbles called "Touchable Bubbles" and they are SOOOO fun!! They are a bit messy, but clean up easily and they hold to their name! You can actually touch them, hold them, stack them on each other and they last. Plus, they stick on everything so when i get too light-headed i can stop for a little while and Landen will go pop all bubbles hanging around. When you go outside, instead of being popped by the wind, they blow with the wind, you can watch them all the way up to the sky! And Landen just loves them! Kaylee seemed quite entertained as well. She some how managed to keep snorting them, though which was really funny.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Never Judge a Book by It's Cover!

So today after spending 2 hours at the park, I took Landen to Arctic Circle to get some lunch. Kaylee was asleep so we just brought her in her carseat and put the carseat on the far end of the table. After eating, Landen and I walked up to the register to get a "courtesy-cone" and left Kaylee on the table. I kept checking on her over my shoulder to make sure.... that i guess she was still there, lol. Anyway, next thing i notice is this really tall, big guy, long hair, beard, covered head to toe in tattoos, cut off shorts, (biker dude, all the way) walking toward our booth, then he is leaning over and practically in our booth looking at Kaylee. She's wasn't in view of anyone walking by, you actually had to be in our seats to see her because she was so far back and her shade on the carseat was up. So this guy is in our booth and just looking at her and then looked and saw me looking at him. I got a weird feeling about it, and thought maybe she had woken up and i just didn't hear her crying or something. So i walk over back to our booth and he meets me half way and says, "You have the most adorable baby i have ever seen, really!" I said Thank you and walked to check on her, still fast asleep. It really made my day because ALL moms say, oh you have a cute baby or family or something to that affect, but we all know, we don't always mean it, it's just a conversation starter. But for a guy like that to literally go out of his way to see her, and then out of his way to come tell me how adorable she is, was really sweet because you know they actually mean it. Plus its really cute knowing a rough-neck guy like that has such a sweet-heart, not to mention GO TASTE! LOL!

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's been a while....

I've kind of slacked off on posting for a little while, other than my Kansas posts i haven't put anything new up for a little while so here's a few pictures that i thought were just fun and just had to share. Everything is going well for us. We are looking forward to Warren's spring break coming up next week, not sure what we're going to do yet, but we'll see. Landen is slowly but surely getting into a better schedule! yay!! (i think he was in bed by 9:30 tonight, new record!) And poor little Kaylee got her first cold and ear infection but is finally getting better. It's amazing that she's made it this far without an ear infection! Guess we are just used to Landen!! As for me, i am still looking for a job, but not looking hard enough because i don't want to leave my kiddos, and still trying to catch up with the laundry! Nothing new!! :-)

Pictures from Kansas

Here are some pictures from our trip to Kansas. We went to see Liberty Jail and that was really awesome. Landen enjoyed the play room at the Visitor Center and had to "make" all of us dinner (a baked potato) and served us all. We had a blast and the visit was far too short! It was really werid though because i had never had to go anywhere to "visit" my parents, kinda sad.... anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Liberty Jail

Landen and his Pampa

This was just a totally awesome building i saw

Kel and Landen

Really pretty lake!
Greg and I in Kansas City
Kansas City
Train Depot
Park in Gardner

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kansas City

Last Tuesday Landen, Kaylee and I all flew to surprise my mom for a week visit in Kansas City. We flew by ourselves on a 7 hr flight!! (i know, what were we thinking, right?) But the kids did absolutely amazing!! I couldn't believe how good they were! I had Warren put a bunch of movies on his video Ipod hoping that would entertain Landen enough but we only ended up using about 15 minutes of it! He sat in his seat, and was very happy and quiet the entire time! Kaylee slept most the time but was happy as pie when she was awake. EVERYONE on the plane made an effort to come tell me how cute and well behaved my children were. Even the pilots came to talk to us and took Landen to sit in the pilot seat because he was being such a good boy. They even turned on all the lights and let him push a few buttons! He thought it was the neatest thing!

We flew in around 11:pm and surprised my mom by throwing Landen on her bed and he woke her up saying, "Mimi!' She was pretty excited but she kinda knew. It's practically impossible to keep things from my mom, maybe next time!

It has been a lot of fun visiting my parents. The weather has been WONDERFUL in the upper 70s!! Landen has been having the time of his life with his Mimi and Pampa! Greg has been a wonderful Uncle to Landen too!

We took Landen to the train depot today and he was in absolute heaven! We got to stand on a bridge at the perfect time because as soon as we got up there, a train drove right under us! Landen couldn't believe it! They had a HUGE train table set up with lots of trains and things to look at. Landen just loved it. It was definately a trip for him!! He had a wonderful day and it was fun to see him enjoying the trains! Kaylee slept the whole 5 hrs so she missed it all.

I found Dorthy's house and the Land of Oz today but unfortunately its about 6 hrs from here so we wont be able to see it :-( i was pretty bummed!!

I apparently forgot my cord for my camera so i'll have to post pictures later! I have some REALLY cute ones to share!

We do miss Dad though! Actually i don't think Landen realizes he's gone, sorry hun. He's just having way too much fun with everyone! But we do love & miss you dad.


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