Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 things about Landen!

I thought it would be fun to do 25 things about Landen, just for the heck of it, since now you all know everything about Warren and I! :-) Some stuff y'all probably don't know and may find enjoyable!

1. Landen was "Landen" from the minute we found out we were having a boy
2. He has always been a very snuggly baby/toddler
3. He calls his blankets his "b" and only likes the ones with silk lining so he can rub them on his nose with his index finger while he sucks his thumb
4. His hospital bills from when he was born were finally paid off 1 month ago (yay!)
5. He calls cars "Car ride" we don't know why, but he can never say just CAR
6. He loves, loves, LOVES, to play cars and trains
7. He doesn't like ice cream or popsicles
8. He loves all kinds of foods, yes even fruits and vegetables
9. He slept through the night when he was 10 days old
10. He is extremely intelligent and a very fast learner
11. He had tubes put in and adnoides (sp?) removed when he was almost two
12. He discovered a "car ride track" on Daddy's forehead
13. He loved music from the time he was a couple months old, when he would cry we would turn on Little Einsteins and he would immediately stop crying and look for the tv, today it is still his favorite show
14. He loves to get letters/pictures and postcards in the mail (its like Christmas for him, Thanks Dallas!)
15. He uses the doggy door more than the dogs
16. He calls his Grandma and Grandpa Adling, Mimi and Pampa
17. He isn't afraid of anything!
18. He loves to take pictures
19. His favorite game is Mario Kart Wii
20. He loves to go shopping with mommy at the mall
21. He loves to wrestle daddy and play all those "boy" games with him
22. He is a great big brother and if Kaylee cries HE has to be the one to fix/comfort her
23. The earliest he's gone to bed in the past year or so is 10:30pm (a terrible habit to break!)
24. He basically potty trained himself
25. He was always on medication from the time he was born until he had his surgery

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FIIIINE!!!!! 25 Random Things About Me..... :-)

1) I absolutly hate school and can't WAIT to graduate.
2) I love ALL types of food that don't include vegetables in any form.
3) My right ear is crooked and looks funny. (thanks brittaney)
4) I listen to talk radio allll day.
5) I LOOOOOVE running long distance.
6) I hate to exercise anywhere but outside.
7) I can't stand chick flix but would watch anything to go out with Brittaney.
8) I am a finance major and LOVE the financial world. (Too bad it's in such disarray)
9) The second it gets above freezing consistantly I will be out Catfishing every weekend that Brittaney will allow me too.
10) I love it when Landen gets too rough with me trying out his new wrestling moves.
11) I love Kaylee's smile and excitement everytime I come home from school.
12) I hate Boise drivers. They go at least 5 under or 10 over. No inbetweens.
13) I'm not very good at basketball but absolutly love to play.
14) I am secretly a fan of the twilight movie. It was pretty good. BUT.....
15) Underworld series is a true Vampire movie and my favorite.
16) I am a nerd
17) If I had the time to read books I probably would.
18) I've managed a great high school gpa and nearly a 3.0 college gpa with absolutly no outside studying.
19) I get annoyed way to easily with my 6 month old puppy that can't keep her nose out of things. (sorry daisy)
20) I would die for my kids and wife without hesitation.
21) I have no brothers and 3 sisters.
22) I'm addicted to 24 (dont watch them, because you can't stop)
23) I really think it's cute when Brittaney consistantly switches eyes when talking.
24) I hate the midnight bedtime but can't do anything about it because of Landen
25) I want more alone time with Brittaney (we don't get enough of that)

And just like Brittaney I will add number 26......
26) I hate doing these sort of surveys but love Brittaney enough to do it. :-)

Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Things about MEEEEEE.....

Well, figured i'd post 25 random things about me on my blog since it is going around on Facebook. So here they are, ENJOY.........

1. I love popcorn ON my ice cream
2. I pride myself in my children's clothing (we have specific "going out" clothing, ask Warren, he HATES it) LOL!
3. I'm not a good cook
4. I love to yard sale and shop thrift stores
5. I grew out my fingernails for the first time EVER a couple months ago
6. I LOVE food! (probably a little too much)
7. I am definately a Disney girl, i know everything about it, and would be content always going to Disneyland (or disneyworld) for vacation
8. When talking to people I look at both eyes, back and forth (this ALSO drives Warren crazy!)
9. I'm terrible at math (shhhh don't tell Susan!) :-)
10. I have to make my sandwiches a certain way, i.e. mustand can't touch cheese because they are both yellow (thanks Mom!)
11. I'm terrified of worms
12. My feet stink, always
13. I think i have pretty darn cute kids
14. I actually enjoy working out
15. I love vegetables
16. I'd live in California if i could
17. I get depressed without the sun (these last couple weeks have sucked!)
18. I dress for comfort, not to impress
19. I'm an emotional shopper
20. I have OCD when it comes to cleaning (and i'm a germaphobe)
21. I don't know how to ask for help
22. I fantasize about being Bella from Twilight (you and me both Michelle!)
23. I do love the Gospel even though i'm terrible at showing it
24. I can type over 90 wpm
25. I think my in-laws are the best second parents EVER!

So after reading through all of these myself, i noticed that i did one thing more than anything else and needed to add that as my #26, here it is...
26. I apparently love to drive my husband crazy! LOL! Maybe i'll get him to do his 25 things too!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

News for the week...

I figured i had some time to work on this during the game so here are a few stories to share for this past week....

Biggest story first, Kaylee finally rolled over from her back to her tummy on Saturday. Warren and i were playing Wii and she made it almost all the way over and we just held our fists clinched to keep us from helping her but finally she made it. Just so you all know, i creamed Warren playing the Wii that afternoon! ;-)

Then today we were watching the game and Kaylee was playing on the floor, on her back, the next second i looked at her, she was on her tummy, arms out and everything. There's no turning back now! She's also started reaching for Warren and I too now, which is really fun! She tries so hard and it takes her about 2-3 minutes to finally reach us but its so cute to watch!

We went to the zoo last week. It was a lot of fun! Landen and i have been a million times but still enjoy it! We bought a family year pass last year and i think we may renew it again this year, especially for this summer. But i'm still working on convincing Warren about that!

Kaylee actually stayed awake for most of the time, but at the very end she crashed. I put her in her baby carrier and wrapped her blanket around that, it was pretty cute!

In other news, I was feeding Kaylee and Landen was watching Peter Pan on my bed (or so i thought). When i was done feeding Kaylee i went to check on him and he was standing in my room holding a pair of scissors standing next to the dog! Well, if you remember our little Christmas Eve story with the scissors, my first thought was to check the dog, nothing. (thank goodness) So then i asked him, Landen what did you do?! You could see the guilt in his face. He took me right to the closet and said, "Oh no mommy, look!" He pointed right to MY clothes. At first i didn't see anything.... this was what i saw....

Can't see anything? Look at a picture a little closer....

Yeup, Landen had completely SHREDDED my blue blouse and 3 of my FAVORITE work blouses!!!! I didn't even know what to do! He had moved the computer chair to our desk and climbed on the computer desk to get the scissors. I yelled and said, "Landen this is a NO NO!" I was pretty stern with him and he just looked at me with sad little eyes and said, "I know Mommy, No No!" So i had to grab my camera and take a picture. Then, i figure when he gets his first job, i'll show him the pictures and make him buy me 4 new blouses. :-)

We decided one night to turned off the TV, left our cell phones in our room and just played with the kids. We played hide n seek with Landen and he enjoyed hiding from Daddy. Especially when mommy showed him a new hiding place (the washer). And Kaylee LOVES to play BOO with mommy and being thrown in the air!

Then Daddy was playing with Kaylee on the floor and Daisy HAD to be involved! She had to lay right on top of Warren the whole time to see what was going on. It was pretty cute!

Anyway, we are all doing well. Kaylee is still an amazing good baby! We thought Landen was good, but Kaylee is 10xs better than he ever was. She NEVER cries, EVER!! She cries when she's hurt (thanks to big brother) but that doesn't happen often and that is literally the only time she cries. We are so lucky to have 2 good babies! I can only imagine what #3 will be like! Yikes!!



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